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"The team at Cape Cod Tree Removal Services did an amazing job. They were on-time, detail-oriented, and made sure to familiarize themselves with our property. Everything was executed flawlessly for our tree removal and we couldn't be happier!"
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Our Cape Cod Tree Service Goes to Great Heights for Massachusetts Residents!

Cape Cod tree service should not be hard to find. That's why our Cape Cod tree removal company is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our residential and commercial customers. We make tree care and removal easy to obtain through hard work, easy-to-understand service packages, and the state's most competitive prices. Our team of licensed and insured arborists are passionate about what they do.

If you're looking for tree care you can depend on, we suggest you give us a call! Cape Cod Tree Removal Services offers everything your trees need, including trimming, pruning, shaping, and sometimes, removal. We also offer shrub care, stump grinding, and disease treatment when your trees feel a little "green". For decades, our company has been providing services that the competition won't touch. There's no job too big or too small for us!

We're a team of skilled and knowledgeable arborists who care about your safety and property integrity. When a tree is threatening to harm either one you can rely on our force to promptly put preventative measures in place. Trees are glorious creatures, but sometimes they gotta go! 

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We give the best tree trims in town

No Job Too Small & No Tree Too Tall for Our Services

Tree service companies in Cape Cod should offer a variety of services that their customers find valuable. We offer everything under the tree branches! We're a group of arborists you can trust. Plus, we offer FREE estimates.

Professional Tree Removal

We take down small trees, large trees, and all trees in between. Do you have a fallen tree that has landed on power lines or your roof? No problem! We've got the tools & equipment for tree removal. Call us 24/7 for emergency service!

Affordable Tree Care

Do your trees and shrubs look like they need a haircut? Get in touch with our arborists today for expert trimming, pruning, and other tree care services. We also treat sick and diseased trees using the latest techniques and methods.

Heavy-Duty Land Clearing

Are you building a new property and need lot and land clearing? Cape Cod Tree Removal Services is your go-to company! We use excavators, brush removers, and other machinery to get the job done fast & efficiently.
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How Our Tree Service in Cape Cod Works

Every good Cape Cod tree service has a system. We've developed a customer-centric protocol so that you have the best experience with our tree care and removal company. Let's get started!

Step 1


When you place your first call to our company, we'll get an idea of what you're looking for and give you a price estimate. Don't worry; our estimates have no strings attached and are completely FREE. We'll then set up a time to visit your property to see the trees.
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Step 2


Our arborists will document the health of your trees and shrubs by performing a thorough examination. Even if we are removing a tree, we will still note its health to determine if the surrounding trees require treatment due to exposure.
Step 3


If it's discovered you need more trees removed than what was originally planned, our arborists will write you up a revised estimate. That is the time to ask our team any questions so that you can fully understand how and why we've come up with your unique service plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to the wonderful world of tree care, you probably have some questions about what companies like ours can do for you. The FAQ section below will be helpful. We also invite you to explore our tree service blog.

Are tree services really necessary?

We believe that they are, yes. Routine tree care helps prevent disease, property damage, and improves your home's overall curb appeal. If you have a tree that is old and hollowed a professional arborist will be able to spot the problem by completing a health assessment before it can sporadically fall onto a building or power line.

Does your company offer more than just tree care and removal services?

Yes! Most companies offer shrub removal & care, stump grinding, and land & lot clearing services. You can inquire about these services and what they entail by calling our office and speaking to a knowledgeable arborist.

When should my trees be examined for disease?

After the initial examination, we recommend that you have your trees assessed for disease every 3 to 5 years, respectively. However, if you notice that your trees or shrubs are looking a little sick (spots on the trunk, broken branches, etc.), don't hesitate to call us sooner.

Caring for Your Family's Trees with Expert Tree Service

Taking good care of your trees truly does protect your family because it prevents large and in charge trunks and branches from falling onto your house, car, and valuables. Sometimes, tree removal service is imminent, and when it is, our arborists will be there to get the job done safely.

Superior Tree Cutting in Cape Cod, MA

Whether a tree falls down due to an act of God or a professional arborist removes it, you are going to be left with a lot of wood in your yard. Tree trunks and branches are no joke, and without the proper equipment, it's tough to get them moving to another location. In this case, tree cutting in Cape Cod becomes essential!

You can count on our noteworthy arborists to cut up the wood into manageable pieces and haul them away on our industry-grade trucks. If you'd like to keep your wood for future projects, just tell us where to stack it! Our top priority is your complete satisfaction.
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root requiring removal services in cape cod ma

Our Cape Cod Tree Service Includes Tree Root Removal

Sometimes, a tree's roots can have a mind of their own and grow in places that they should not, such as under houses and around pipelines. When that happens, major damages can ensue if tree root removal is not completed. Our team of experienced arborists has the right tools and equipment to untangle rogue tree roots for good.

Did you know that tree roots can also grow above ground and cause damages to lawnmowers and even be tripping hazards? Leave it to our experts to get above-ground tree roots eradicated without harming the tree using tried and true methods. Call us today for a FREE estimate.

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Tree Limb & Branch Removal Services for Cape Cod Properties

It might take a tree decades to grow to its full potential, but you can expect limbs and branches to extend significantly over time. In some cases, tree branches' trajectory can head directly towards your picture window, roof, or telephone lines.

Instead of waiting to see what will happen, give our arborists a call for prompt limb & tree branch removal for Cape Cod properties. We have the right safety equipment and heavy-duty tools to remove the threatening limbs so that they never return.
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stump removal cape cod tree services

Is it Time for Stump Removal in Cape Cod?

Our arborists say "yes"! Stumps never do anything good for a residential or commercial landscape. In fact, they decrease curb appeal, can affect the value of your home, are trip & fall hazards, and have been known to break or damage riding lawnmowers. Looks like you require tree stump removal in Cape Cod!

Eventually, stumps will die and begin to rot. Rotting wood is very attractive to insects and vermin, so not only do you have an ugly stump in your yard, but you are also harboring mosquitos and snakes. We don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like a good time. Call our team today to discuss stump grinding and other removal options.


Unruly Shrub Removal for Cape Cod Residential & Commercial Properties

No one wants to complete shrub removal in Cape Cod. After all, shrubs are meant to be ornamental fixtures that make your home or office's landscape look neatly manicured and nice. However, shrubs can sometimes grow out of control and end up looking anything but appealing. This usually happens after failure to prune, trim, and shape.

Whether your shrub is sickly or you simply want it removed so you can plant a flowerbed our Cape Cod tree service will get the job done right the first time. We can also remove diseased shrubs and replace them with a healthy tree or bush. Whatever you need, you can always expect professional tree service.
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commercial tree service cape cod

Affordable Commercial Tree Service in Cape Cod

Keeping your commercial property looking great is what our arborists do best! When it comes to commercial tree services in Cape Cod, we offer a variety of tree care services for your business, including removal, stump grinding, and land & lot clearing. Do you have shrubs and bushes that need to be trimmed and shaped? We've got it covered.

Many of our commercial clients opt to put onto our routine tree care service rotation. This service is all on our shoulders, and you don't have to do anything other than giving us a friendly wave when you see us outside. We'll schedule a recurring time that we come by and perform tree care. It's that simple!


About Our Cape Cod Tree Service Areas

Finding great local tree services in Cape Cod should not be a chore. That's why our tree company has expanded our service areas to be in your neck of the woods! If you need reliable tree removal or care and live in or around Barnstable, Yarmouth, Harwich, Brewster, or Dennis, please give our team a call. Remember, we're here 24/7 for fallen tree emergencies.

Cape Cod
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Knocking Down Trees & the Competition 

Cape Cod Tree Removal Services is here to meet all of your tree care needs. From pruning to stump grinding, there isn't anything that we can't do! Call us at (508) 552-9055
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