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Making sure your trees are healthy and looking great can be a very big job. That's why our team of highly-educated and hardworking arborists exist. We value the art of trimming and shaping trees and shrubs so that they not only remain healthy but complement the landscapes of homes and businesses properties.

Since 2009, Cape Cod Tree Removal Services has been helping homeowners just like you get the well-manicured shrubbery you've always wanted. Let's face it. Life is busy, and you don't always have time to take care of your trees, but we do!

Know that our arborists are certified and insured and never cut corners or practice tree care unsafely. We offer the best rates in town as well as FREE estimates. Call us now to schedule your Cape Cod tree care appointment.

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Cape Cod's Most Sought After Tree Care Services

Looking for an Expert to Trim Your Trees? We can Help!

When trees threaten to entangle their branches in power lines or poke into buildings, it's a good indication that trimming is required. Our crew of arborists only uses the best quality equipment and tools on the market.

We believe in doing the job right the first time. We often use heavy-duty machinery for large tree trimming jobs, and smaller trees can be handled with hedge trimmers.

Please know that there is no tree too big or too small for our team to take on. Trimming is a vital component of tree care in Cape Cod and keeps branches and foliage healthy and looking pristine.

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Your Cape Cod Trees Require Routine Pruning

To protect your property, trees that are in close proximity require pruning. Pruning differs from trimming in that it involves removing parts of the tree, like branches and buds.

Sometimes, a portion of a tree will grow too close to a house, for example, and require pruning in order to keep a safe space between the two. Pruning also inspires tree health, aesthetic appearance, and longevity. There are different times of the year when pruning is best completed based on the type of tree or shrub in question.

Contact us today, and our experts will be able to set you up on a pruning plan.

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Keep Your Trees Looking Great with Expert Shaping Services!

Your trees have never looked better after our arborists are through shaping them! Have you ever seen exotic-shaped trees and wondered how they got that way? Unfortunately, nature doesn't grow them like that and needs a little help from our tools.

We can shape and trim your trees and shrubs into any design of your choosing. From extravagant looks to simple round bushes lining your driveway, the sky is the limit.

Did you know that tree shaping not only makes your foliage look excellent but it decreases bug and rodent infestations?  To see our handy work, please check out our featured image gallery.

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There's Nothing Better for the Environment than Planting Trees

In Cape Cod, MA, we love our trees and shrubs. That's why we have an amazing planting and transplanting program. If you have a tree on your property that you want to be removed but don't wish to be destroyed, our company can transplant it to another location.

On the flip side, if you want to have new trees on your property, we can plant them in any size, shape, or stage of the life cycle. Let us know the species of tree that you have in mind, and we'll get it for you.

You'll be so happy to see new plant life in your yard or commercial property!

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Do Your Shrubs Need Trimming?

If you've ever forgone getting a haircut for a few extra months, you know all too well what will happen. You'll have hair covering your ears, eyes, and you might look a little shaggy. That's exactly what happens when you neglect to trim your shrubs.

When shrubs are not regularly trimmed, they can grow very large in size and cover up the beauty of your home and landscape.

They can also harbor harmful insects and small rodent nests that cause problems on your property. So allow us to keep your shrubs healthy and looking immaculate with high-quality trimming services.

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Top-Notch Cabling & Bracing for Cape Cod At-Risk Trees

Have you noticed some of your larger trees are looking weak at the crown or at places on the trunk? If so, don't be alarmed! If you'd like to keep your trees in your yard, we can offer an alternative to removal. It's called cabling and bracing.

So basically, what happens is we can place metal rods at the top of your trees to keep the branches from snapping off. That is called cabling. Your tree will still sway naturally in the breeze and look great. Bracing is when metal brackets are placed at the bottom of the tree, giving the trunk more stability.

When used together, the two methods work at maximum performance. Would you like to learn more about cabling and bracing? Please visit our blog.

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Trees Looking a Little Under the Weather? We Have Disease Treatments!

Sometimes, illness takes over a tree just like it can consume the human body or animals. Just like people, trees require medicine to overcome various diseases and infestations caused by environmental factors. The best course of action is administering treatment quickly.

If you notice any spots or discolored areas on your trees, please reach out to our company ASAP. We'll send out a licensed arborist to inspect the trees and confirm whether it is diseased or not.

From there, we can come up with an effective treatment protocol that not only rids the disease from your tree but protects the surrounding plant life.

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Our Local Tree Care Service Areas Have Expanded!

Cape Cod Tree Removal Services is proud to announce that it has expanded its service areas. If you need professional tree care and live in or around Barnstable, Yarmouth, Harwich, Brewster, or Dennis, we invite you to call us for a no-obligation consultation and tree evaluation. We'll also give you a FREE estimate on the services you need.

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We offer affordable tree removal, shrub care, land & lot clearing, and much more! Our arborists work for you. Call them today for the best tree services in Cape Cod. Call us at (508) 552-9055
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