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Tailored Tree Cutting for Cape Cod Residents - Affordable & Fast!

When you require tree cutting in Cape Cod, there is no better company to turn to than ours. We are skilled arborists who take a close look at every tree we're going to cut down and develop a plan that keeps property and people safe.

There are times when trees must come down entirely, or they only require some branch removal, and we'll be able to determine which method makes the most sense for your situation.

Sometimes, a homeowner wants a tree to be cut down to make room for a building project or stop overcrowding in their yard. We have the tools and equipment to get your trees down in any situation, and that's a guarantee.

Do you have a tree that's fallen onto your property due to old age or a storm? No worries! Our team at Cape Cod Tree Removal Services can chop it up and haul away the pieces for an affordable price. Plus, we offer 24-hour emergency services. All you have to do is call!

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tree cutting in cape cod

Is Tree Cutting a Beneficial Service Because I've Heard it Isn't...

Let us be the first to calm your concerns and tell you that tree cutting in Cape Cod is not a bad thing if done responsibly. In fact, keeping the tree population culled is excellent for the health of the remaining trees, bushes, plant life, and wildlife. So let's look at some benefits of this valuable service:

  • Provision of Wood - Wood is an excellent resource that we use every day, such as tables, chairs, benches, houses, and more. As long as we plant a tree in place of the one we took for wood, we'll never be without it.
  • Maintaining Tree Health - Too many trees cluttering the same space can lead to disease, which can wipe out an entire forest, insect infestations, and harm to animals. Plus, when trees are too close together, they compete for soil nutrients and water.
  • Tree Regeneration - Trees need adequate sunlight to grow properly, and when there are too many in one area they can all be depleted of this vital resource.
  • Safety - When a tree is dead or dying, it needs to come down in order to protect property, pets, and humans. You never know when it can fall over on its own!

Remember, not all tree cutting involves total removal. Instead, we may just need to cut away a few branches. Please visit our informative blog page if you'd like to learn more about our tree cutting process.

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Need Tree Cutting Services in Cape Cod, MA? Don't Delay!

Cape Cod Tree Removal Services offers 24/7 emergency cutting should you notice a dead or dying tree on your property.

It's super important to take care of the problem sooner rather than later to avoid the tree toppling over onto your house or vehicle. Another reason to call us for cutting services is if you see branches getting tangled up in power lines, which is a serious safety hazard.

Please, do not attempt to untangle the lines yourself. In some cases, we will call upon an electrician to assist us.

There are many reasons to seek out tree cutting services in Cape Cod. We want you to know that your reason is valid, and we want to help you ASAP.

The best thing you can do for your residential or commercial landscape is to hire our professional team for expert tree cutting and branch removal services. Don't wait until it's too late!

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Do Your Cape Cod Trees Need to be tapped Out? Call Us.

Believe it or not, we are fond of trees and how they support the environment and produce life-sustaining oxygen. That's why we understand when one must come down because it's almost always for more than just cosmetic reasons.

We'd rather see a few trees sprinkled around a backyard versus many that are literally strangling each other for sunlight, water, and nutrients. Do you know what that results in?

A whole lot of dead trees. Tree disease is a real problem, and we mostly see it in areas with a dense population of trees that are far too close together.

As arborists, we want to ensure the trees on your property are well-maintained and cared for, and sometimes that requires cutting a few of them down. We'd love to come to take a look at your trees and give them a thorough assessment for FREE. All you have to do is call or email us right now.



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"The team at Cape Cod Tree Removal Services did an amazing job. They were on-time, detail-oriented, and made sure to familiarize themselves with our property. Everything was executed flawlessly for our tree removal and we couldn't be happier!"
- Katy P.

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At Cape Cod Tree Removal Services, we offer supreme tree removal services including stump removal, disease care, and prevention, lot & land clearing, and commercial property maintenance. Call us today for the best tree and shrub services in the local area!

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We offer affordable tree removal, shrub care, land & lot clearing, and much more! Our arborists work for you. Call them today for the best tree services in Cape Cod. Call us at (508) 552-9055
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